Installing Median’s Kustomer Integration

Kustomer API Integration

Median uses the Kustomer Context Card API to install a card in the right hand rail of Kustomer’s application. Median can automatically install the Kustomer integration with a Kustomer API key.

To automatically install the Median integration within Kustomer:

1. To begin, visit the Kustomer settings page and select “API Keys”

2. Create a new API key with the scoped permission `org.admin` (The permission level required to install the integration).

3. Copy the API key by clicking on the key itself.

4. Visit and enter the API key into the box.

5. Median will successfully install the Kustomer card in the right hand rail of Kustomer.

After installation, you’re free to delete the API key from Kustomer’s settings app. Median does not require persistent access to the API token to work.

Median separately encrypts the API key, and only use it to install and uninstall the card.

Alternatively, the integration can easily be manually installed via the API, without exposing the API token to Median. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you through the process.

Once the integration is live, we suggest placing Median’s JavaScript below Kustomer’s JavaScript snippet, like so: