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CoBrowse For Intercom

Median & Intercom -- a match destined for awesome. It's never easier to bring delight to your customers by using Median's Intercom integration to immediately understand a customer's context while talking to them. Adding Median to an existing Intercom installation is as simple as installing Median's code snippet below Intercom. No authorization, or API keys required -- Median automatically detects Intercom and allows you to start CoBrowsing with a single click, straight from the comfort of Intercom.


Median seamlessly integrates with Intercom to give your team the ability to immediately see a window into your customer’s world with the click of a button. No more back and forth with a customer during a chat, trying to understand what issue they're having. It's easy to immediately understand the customer's context. Install Intercom and Median together to give your agents the tools they need to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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