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A New Way To Communicate

Median lets online sales and customer support professionals view customers navigating your site quickly and easily. It takes just a click for members of your team to be able to see a pixel perfect representation of what your customer sees. Median works in real-time, so you can quickly and efficiently understand your customer's context and address their issue quickly and efficiently. Plus, with builtin integrations with chat providers like LiveChat and Olark, it's never been easier to jump in faster.

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  • No Customer Install

    No Customer Install

    No plugins, no software, there’s nothing for your customers to install. Once our snippet is placed on your site, it just works. All your agents have to do is click a link to start a CoBrowse session, it’s as easy as that! Since Median works in the browser, it works great across every device, including phones and tablets.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless Integration

    CoBrowse natively integrates with most major chat providers. Once installed, your team will see a link within your chat provider. Simply start a screenshare session and instantly get access into your customer’s world.

Joshua Robinson -- Prospectify

Median's CoBrowse has helped us diagnose and solve user issues in real time. We've already seen amazing results in user satisfaction because we can resolve issues faster. If you want real user tracking that works and an effective, easy implementation - Median's got you covered!

Joshua Robinson - Head of Customer Success at Prospectify
  • Privacy Controls

    Privacy Controls

    Privacy is a top priority. We automatically hide information like Credit Card numbers, ensuring sensitive data will never leave the your customer's browsers. Median also makes it easy to exclude sensitive fields from our application, no code required. Plus, we don't store or log any data from CoBrowsing sessions.

  • Phone Mode

    Phone Mode

    Just because a customer calls in doesn’t mean you can’t start a CoBrowse session. Have your customer type a simple sequence using their computer and a code will popup. Have them share this with your agent to start a sesson. It's like a customer service Konami Code.

  • Customizable API

    Customizable API

    Need to block certain information from showing to your agents or pass along important customer information from your site to the CoBrowse session? Want to build your own custom integration or use Median with other customer service tools? Perfect! We have a customizable API that will allow you to do just that.

Chelsea Stroh -- RecruiterBox

Median closes the missing link in Recruiterbox's support picture. Being able to see what the customer is doing in their account with just one click helps us to get on the same page faster. This leads to ease in helping customers with all questions - from how to do something in the product to debugging a tricky bug. It's hard to remember how we ever did live chat without it!

Chelsea Stroh - Customer Happiness at RecruiterBox
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About Median

Median was started by Ben Stevinson and Derek Homann with the goal of building software that makes customer service easier and faster. In other words, Median is dedicated to building customer service software that doesn't suck. With tools like CoBrowse, Median helps customer service agents of all kinds do their jobs better, faster.

Ben Stevinson

Derek Homann

Frequently Answered Questions

  • What do you mean by no user install required?

    Median requires a small piece of JavaScript to be placed on your site, just like Google Analytics or common chat providers. Other than that, the end user doesn't need to install clunky desktop screensharing software or mobile apps.

  • Do I have to use a customer service chat tool to use Median?

    Absolutely not! Median works with or without your chat provider. Median has a builtin dashboard allowing you to view your site's users and visitors in realtime. We have a powerful API integrations allowing you to get CoBrowsing information no matter what tool you use.

  • Does Median work on mobile devices?

    Absolutely! Median works across every device and browser, and can easily show you browser windows of your site visitors that are browsing via phones and tablets.

  • Is Median full desktop screensharing?

    No. Median is 100% browser based. Median's screensharing also only works on sites you've installed our code snippet on. If your customer has open in one tab and open in another, you'll only see activity on

  • Will Median slow my site down or otherwise affect my site's performance?

    Absolutely not -- We pride ourselves on making our product as lightweight as absolutely possible. Median won't change or affect the performance of your website, and our snippet is only 10% or less of the size of most common chat providers.

  • Does Median add any branding or elements to my webpage?

    Not at all -- Median works in the background of your website, and doesn't add, modify, or update anything on your site.

  • Can I ask a user for permission before viewing their browser window?

    Yes! Median has configurable alert and notification options, and you can require that a user grants permission before a screenshare session begins.

  • Does personal or sensitive information get filtered in the screenshare?

    Median automatically filters all content for popular payment providers such as Stripe and Braintree. This information will never leave the end user's browser. We also have powerful and controllable privacy features that allow you to easily select inputs or entire forms your website, no coding required. Once exclusions are enabled, no information placed in those inputs or forms will leave the user's browser.

  • What chat providers can I use Median with?

    Median currently integrates with LiveChat, Olark, Intercom, Zendesk Chat,, SnapEngage, Kustomer, Drift, and Chatra. If you use something different, send us a note -- we'd love to chat.

  • Do y'all store or save any of this screensharing information?

    Nope. Median does not collect or save any screensharing data. Screensharing information is transmitted in realtime, and the contents of screensharing sessions aren't recorded for later use.

  • How does pricing work?

    Median is $25 per month for the first agent, then just $10 per month per agent after that. We also offer custom and bulk pricing discounts -- If you have more than 10 agents, Drop us a line, we'd love to talk!

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